The Month that was….: Part 3

BULLETIN: Actor Sanjay Dutt has been found guilty by the TADA court and convicted in the ’93 Mumbai blasts case. And he wont be having the company of brother ‘Circuit’ to comfort him this time around in jail…….

On to the final part of the 3 part series….

The number 1 movie in the US right now is Borat. It’s about a journalist from a foreign land who wants to learn about the American culture. And it doesn’t get any better or easier to learn about America than watching the story of Rev. Ted Haggard – the leader of a Megachurch with more than 30 million members who was found to have been having sexual relations with a drug-running gay prostitute for over 3 years – unfold.

In the movie, the character Borat wears a rather large moustache besides coming across as being excessively anti-Jewish. If rumors doing the rounds are to be believed, it was none other than Mel Gibson who played the role, hiding behind that bushy moustache…..

Meanwhile, Roger Federer won the Shanghai masters to cap another awesome year. He literally faced no competition on-court. His only challenge was to ensure that girlfriend Mirka did not cross the 200-pound barrier during the course of the year. (I think he failed in that one).

Federer also is involved in a number of charities – like working for his Foundation in South Africa and paying Tony Roche a salary (pension is more like it).

Saddam Hussein meanwhile has been condemned to death. He was hoping for a hung jury but the jury decided to hang him instead.

When the verdict was announced, Saddam yelled out “Long live the glorious nation of Iraq, and death to its enemies!” So, he seems to agree with the decision too……….not bad.

Saddam’s lawyer dismissed the trial as a “farce”. “The trial was completely illegal and the verdict was already fixed “- he argued. Poor guy. Wait till he hears about the OJ trial………

Speaking of whom, OJ Simpson is coming out with a book of fiction titled ‘If I did it’, discussing how he would have carried out the murders, had he tried to. You know something amazing? OJ might be the first person to have an autobiography placed in the fiction category in bookstores and libraries.

A lot of confusion at the CAT exams this time…..the errors, the silly mistakes, the careless attitude……..and all this just from the professors who set the question paper !!!

Did you read about that? The question paper was subsequently found to contain a plethora of printing errors, wrongly framed questions and other oversights. And some of the proper nouns were mis-spelt too. Like Bangalore was spelled as Bengalooru….

But wait. That’s ok I guess. It’s an initiative of the govt. of Karnataka. They reckoned that since the city’s problems like congestion, water shortage, pollution were already taken care of, they might as well spend valuable time on this worthy pursuit.

Govt officials argued that the move was to respect the sentiments of the 50-million Kannadigas, who want to return to their roots. Sure. They can also return to their roots when they walk into the offices of their multinational employers on Monday morning in the city best known as India’s outsourcing hub!!!! WTF ?!?!?!

And yeah, the Democrats have seized control of the House again………..


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  1. did you hear kid rock got pretty pissed at seeing Pam Anderson paraded like a w*%(($ in the movie… Borat.. and screaed at her in the theatre…

    Hence the reasns for divorce.

    No. Seriously. True story.
    (Am i bored or what…)


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