25th December, Monday : Christmas Day Special Post

Been a while since I posted anything. And Christmas day is as good a day as any to make a comeback. We all know what Christmas is all about – celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with your whole family by buying each other a lot of expensive gifts that will be most probably exchanged for something else the next day. I love it. Today’s post is about the gifts some of our favourite celebrities received. Read on…..

Kavya Vishwanathan: A new copying machine……..or, as she calls it, a Laptop.

Saurav Ganguly: He got his place back in the team. No more gifts for him!!

Osama bin Laden: A hardbound edition of the illustrated Koran. Bigger and better than ever. All drawings by Pope Ratzinger.

Sanjay Dutt: He was hoping for 72 virgins. I don’t know what he got. But he did not get THAT.

Mel Gibson: ( from his daughter) – 2 front row tickets to ‘The Holocaust damn well happened’ Conference to be held next week in Auschwitz.

Zinadine Zidane: ( from Materazzi) – An early edition CD of the hit cartoon show ‘Beavis and Headbutt’

Madonna: (From Angelina Jolie) – Home delivered parcel with baby Kim Jong II wrapped in cotton wool. ( with a note that read – You’re welcome).

Santhi Soundarajan: ( from the CM ) – 15 lakhs, a Plasma TV and John Gray’s bestselling book – ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, Santhi is from …………South India?’.

Rafael Nadal: ( from Federer ) – A brand new ClayStation 3 gaming console where Wimbledon is played on clay.

Ariel Sharon: A ‘Get well soon’ card from Fidel Castro.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad : ( from Kofi Annan ) – An invite to play ‘Deal or no Deal’ with the UN Sec Council members at the upcoming Toronto session.

George Bush: ( from Tony Blair) – Free coupons to a Spa in Germany with massages by Angela Merkel.

Robert Gates: ( from Donald Rumsfeld ) – A copy of Kiran Desai’s novel ‘The Inheritance of Loss’.

Michael Richards: Membership to Anger Management classes conducted by Toni Soprano.

Lindsay Lohan: ( from Paris Hilton ) : DVD version of the movie ‘Crash’.

Salman Khan: He got nothing. Santa was worried Salman might shoot his reindeer when he was busy handing out the gifts.

Merry Christmas everybody !!! 🙂



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