Headlines : May 1st, 2007

Hello people. Back after a long time. Thought I might as well make a come back on May Day. Something Fidel Castro failed to do.

He, however, exorted his countrymen to work hard and eliminate US domination from the world. Hmmm…..expecting others to do the dirty work while not moving ones butt from the bed for over a year. He strikes me as being more Indian than Cuban in spirit…….

There was some commotion in the Trivandrum International Airport today following a bomb scare. It later turned out be a hoax. The prank calls were traced to the homes of three IPS officers from Gujrat.

The Congress govt is all over the BJP with the revelations about the fake encounters in 2005 conducted by the anti-terrorist unit in Gujrat. I personally feel the Congress are taking it too far by trying to pin the Modi govt. for Bob Woolmer’s murder as well.

The Centre has responded to this by ordering the CBI to probe further into the matter. Now am all confused. Do they really want to find out the facts? If so, why is the CBI involved?

This is worrying. The US State Department’s report on global terrorism has stated that terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed is investing in the Indian real estate to raise funds for its activities. And when the report talks about ‘real estate’ investments, its not even counting Kashmir !!!

Israelis are now clamouring for PM Ehud Olmert to resign following his leadership failure and disatrous campaign in Lebanon. In unrelated news, Rahul Dravid has been retained skipper for the Bangladesh tour.

The Indian team hit a new low by slipping below Bangladesh to be placed ninth in the latest Maruti Suzuki Cricket Ratings. The BCCI has responded by taking stern measures to curb the downslide. No Indian player will henceforth be allowed to endorse any products being advertised in Bangladesh.

The Middle East. Reports claim that the al Qaeda leader in Iraq-Abu Ayyub al-Masri- has been killed by members of the local sunni tribes. What an irony !! Hundreds of thousands of marines, billions of dollars spent on weapons and intelligence over 4 years……and a couple of random tribesmen named Haq and Aqib equipped with a stick and a couple of stones get the job done just like that.

Talking about Iraq, Prince Harry of Britain has bizarrely opted to join the troops and serve the army in the violence-prone region. Or as JK Rowling calls it – ‘Prince Harry Potty and the Deathly Hallows’.

Richard Gere has confessed that his kiss on stage with Shilpa Shetty had a lot to do with him not being aware of the local culture. Really? I am sure that Gere, who is a devout Buddhist, knows that the Buddha never included the clause that deals with kissing-an-unknown-person-onstage-when-there-for-a-charity-fundraiser in his Noble Eightfold Path.

Meanwhile Shilpa Shetty’s media spokesperson confimed that the “actress” was not bothered by the kiss and would be even willing to have sex with Richard Gere on stage if it could attract more media attention.

Rakhi Sawant in trouble again. According to the protesters from the Buddhist community, Sawant was shown in a bath tub in a TV show against the background of a statue of Lord Buddha. That was not the real issue though. The Buddha statue was apparently seen bending over and peeping into the tub.

Technology news. Samsung has now begun producing flash memory chips fabricated with an ultra-dense 51 nanometer process technology. Samsung claims that these revolutionary chips can hold a massive 16 GB of information as well as actress Namitha in them quite comfortably.


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