Headlines : January 29, 2008

Following pressure from the BCCI to pull out of the ODIs, the charges against Harbhajan were finally dropped. Now, the BCCI has again threatened to pull out of the tour unless Ponting, Hussey, Lee and Clarke follow Gilchrist and retire from the game with immediate effect.

Adam Gilchrist and his surprise retirement. It’s clear that following the repercussions of the Sydney test – no more sledging, no more gamesmanship, no racism – Gilly sees no real reason to carry on playing the game anymore.

A proud moment for India. ISB now ranks 20th in the latest FT global B-school rankings. A small concern though. Hogwarts also finds a place in the list at 14th.

The Government has introduced an ambitious financial transaction surveillance project to track big spending citizens and their tax filings. That explains why I saw Shah Rukh Khan driving a Nano the other day.

Tamil Nadu CM Karunanidhi called for a joint effort to fight global warming at a recent meeting. Sure. If politicians stopped blowing all this hot air like they cared about the issue, that would be a good start in itself.

The Chennai Corporation will soon have a detailed set of rules for garbage disposal. Isn’t this awesome? Finally someone is doing something about Vaiko!

In a Democratic convention yesterday, Ted Kennedy announced that he was now passing the Kennedy mantle to Obama. Wow. But he still wouldn’t pass the keys to his Mini-Bar. Now that’s a true Kennedy!

Barack Obama has claimed that following his win in SC, America is now ready for a change. I don’t know about America, but the Democratic Party sure is. It’s high time they won one of these elections….

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice signaled U.S. support for the forces of Palestine taking charge of the Gaza Strip’s breached border with Egypt. Close to 80 Mexicans sneaked through the border into the US before she could finish making this statement.

The US has sent India another stark reminder that time is running out for the nuclear deal. India is unlikely to decide anything immediately. However, the government has offered President Bush and Dick Cheney a Padma Shree each, if it would make a difference.

China might broadcast live the first ever spacewalk by its astronauts in the upcoming mission of Shenzhou VII this year. You know what, this might actually be fascinating to a population for whom the words ‘Star Trek’ hold no significance.

A new book on Gandhi explores his final moments and contends that the Mahatma’s granddaughter Manu only heard him utter: “Hey Ra…” This is the kind of thing that makes one wonder if recycling paper is really worth the effort.

Ever the opportunist, M Karunanidhi chipped in with – “I’ve been telling you all along…..there was never any “Ram”.

Coincidentally, Arun Gandhi, grandson of the Mahatma, resigned over the weekend from the peace institute named for his grandfather. This was following criticism of his comments where he said “Israel and the Jews are the biggest players” in a “culture of violence.” Watching sadly from heaven, a distinct “Hey Ram’ escaped the Mahatma’s lips this time around.


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