Headlines : 11th December, 2008

Today, Obama changed his party slogan to ‘No, you cant.’

Barack Obama has called for Gov Blagojevich to step down following the senate seat scandal. You know who’s celebrating? Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Less competition for them now.

Obama confessed that he was saddened by the whole affair, but wanted to focus on the positives. Like how his name has not come up in the investigations so far.

Earlier today, the Governor posted a $4,500 bond and got released. Due to sheer force of habit, Moody’s and Fitch immediately gave the bond a AAA rating.

Juicy quotes by the Governor from the wire-taps. He says – “A Senate appointment is a f***ing valuable thing, you just don’t give it away for f***ing nothing.” Sigh. If only Paulson and Bernanke treated taxpayer money with the same respect……

More sordid details. The Governor apparently sought campaign finances as kickbacks for $8 million in state funding for Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago. When told about this, Dick Cheney went ‘ What the hell was he doing in the Democratic Party?’

Btw, the mortgage crisis has hit Cheney too. Poor guy. One of his properties, very close to his heart, will be foreclosed soon. Yep, Guantanamo Bay is going down.

Meanwhile, Gov Schwarzenegger has met lawmakers to inform them about California’s worsening budget crisis – a deficit that could exceed 14 billion. This time, when he says ‘I’ll be back’, people are actually going to be scared.

A poll by the TOI reveals that 40% of Indians think the PM should pay the price for the Mumbai attacks by resigning too. The other 60 % feel that being the Finance Minister in the current economy is punishment enough.

Sports. A large number of people are expected to turn up in Chepauk tomorrow. Not to watch the cricket match. The ground is probably the safest place to be in the country at the moment.

Its ridiculous how far we’ve gone in terms of providing security to the English team. Lets see – We’re paying them to tour us, putting them up in our best hotels and giving them more protection than any citizen of the country would ever get. Post-colonial hangover? What hangover??

Having said that, we might be getting a little cocky following the 5-0 whitewash in the ODIs. In the first test, the Englishmen will be playing the Lagaan XI.



  1. I have to say that I agree with the Poll conducted by TOI but asking PM to resign is just insignificant! Most importantly steps needs to be taken and we need to have our own ‘S.W.A.T’ team to encounter such activities alert 24×7.

    BTW I do agree that right now M.A.Chidambaram stadium is The safest place in India! 🙂


  2. @ Karthi – I agree. We’ve need an Intelligence Bureau along the lines of the FBI for long now. Lets see if the Centre springs into action at least at this stage.


  3. @ Lucas – That was an interesting read. Some of those ideas seem practical and some dont. Still a step up on “lets just bomb the hell out of those b*******s’.


  4. @ Sanjana – We already have 3 agencies in place. The IB for homeland security, the RAW for external intelligence and the CBI for special crimes. This new agency has to be an extension of either the IB or RAW, and I don’t see how it will be any more effective than it is in its current form. In the US, the roles between the CIA and FBI are clearly defined. CIA for external intelligence and the FBI for federal investigations. I have a feeling its just a political stunt.


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