Headlines : 15th December, 2008

More signs of the recession. Today, the Queen of England had her credit card revoked.

The Detroit situation. After the Senate turned down the bail-out, President Bush is now in charge of deciding what’s next for the automakers. Well…at least he can empathize with the workers better. Afterall, he’ll be jobless in a month, right?

Bush, instead, opted to make a surprise visit to Iraq. Something to consider – how colossal a mess is the Auto bailout if Bush reckons he can handle Iraq better??

While making his speech there, an angry man in the crowd cursed Bush and threw a shoe at him!! Personally, I feel its high time John McCain moved on with his life. Bush was not the only reason he lost.

Bush called the Iraq War ‘hard’ and admitted that there had been heavy casualties from the American standpoint. Most notably, the Republican Party.

The growing menace of pirates in the Gulf of Aden. Commandos from INS Mysore captured 23 Somalian pirates today after a stiff battle. However, they have been asked to wait a minimum of 30 days before celebrating. Just to play it safe.

What’s even more insulting is President Bush advising the INS Mysore crew not to celebrate prematurely. That’s gotto hurt, what?!!

Meanwhile, the Pakistani PM indicated that his government had cracked down on the JuD only due to pressure from the UN, and not New Delhi. This is historic! This marks the very first occasion where a sovereign country has openly acknowledged the existence of the UN.

The captured terrorist, Amir Ajmal Kasab has written a letter to Pakistan imploring them to not treat him like a pariah and has begged them to help him out of his desperate and precarious situation. He used Rick Wagoner’s speech to the Congress as reference material while composing the letter.

Kasab turned to this last ditch effort after his fallback option fell through. Brad and Anjelina Jolie refused to adopt him.

More on Brangelina. In an interview, Jennifer Aniston calls her relationship with Angelina Jolie and Pitt an “insane Bermuda Triangle.” It’s such a swirling cesspool of hateful emotions that even Somalian pirates think twice about venturing into those rough waters.

Playboy Mexico has apologized to its readers over a controversial cover featuring a nude woman resembling the Virgin Mary. Specifically, Playboy has apologized for misleading its readers into believing that Mexico still had any virgins.

Retail news. Nintendo outsold both the Xbox and the PlayStation-3 comfortably over the Thanksgiving weekend. The company’s new tag-line is ‘Yes, Wii can!’


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