Signs of the Recession: 16th December, 2008

On days when I am too lazy to post anything, I’ll try and provide links to interesting articles/ discussions I come across on the net. Like this one in the Freakonomics blog. Readers were asked to point out any signs of recession they have been able to discern in their community. Some of the insightful responses –

“About 1 in every 6 commercials on TV is an ad by the TV company talking about the benefits of TV advertising and Nielsen ratings.”

“Qantas airlines offering “2 for 1″ international flights as Australians stay home.”

“A new housing sale designed by a company in China says if you buy cosmetics or wines of certain brands that worth 1,500 yuan, you can get one-square-metre room in an apartment. You can then trade this one square metre room online with other customers owning partial property right of the apartment. After collecting a certain amount of room, you can go to the company and get a real apartment with that specific size. This method is created to boost the sagging housing market.”

“You know it’s bad when attorneys are getting laid off.”

“We know the lipstick index is up, which is usually a recessionary sign. A small, inexpensive purchase that makes the buyer feel better about themselves.”

“The mosque in the Arab Street district of Singapore has a sign advertising using the billboard on the mosque for advertising.”

“2 restaurants I have been to in the last 2 weeks have had a little card on the table with “Recession Specials” listed. With a quip : You already spent 700 billion, what’s $10 more?”

“Jay Vandenbree, President of Sony Electronics Consumer Sales: “Sony knew the economy was going to hell back in February. How? Camcorder sales fell like a rock. Camcorders are the proverbial canary in the coal mine, plunging before everything else. (Vast historical data over the last few recessions back this up.) It’s because there’s nothing more discretionary than camcorders, so it’s the first to go when consumers feel a crunch, making it an early warning sign.”

“Disney’s 2007 tree lighting event was called Light Up the Season. Disney’s 2008 event is called Employee Holiday Shopping Night.”

“I’ve seen a spike in “Cash for Gold” advertisements on television, which is right in line with the theory that pawnshops see a growth during economic downturns.”

“Casinos advertising that you can win a hybrid car!”

And my fav –

“There is a guy actually making money selling containers to stuff with cash and bury in your backyard:”

Any signs that you’ve observed of late that indicate a recession?



  1. The other day I saw black smoke coming out of a fighter plane (probably on some test flight). I wondered if they have started using kerosene instead of aviation fuel


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