Headlines: 30th December, 2008

The news right now is dominated by the conflict in Gaza. Nothing remotely funny about it. So I’ll just link to this report that shows how Israel nurtured Hamas a few years back, to position it as a counterweight to the PLO. Now, the Fatah (PLO) is the “ally” and the Hamas is the “enemy”. Oh, well.

Asif Ali Zardari plans to demote himself to Prime Minister and have his father replace him as President. Apparently, he dint have too many choices since the rest of the Pakistani population entirely consists of “non-state actors”.

Satyam Computers has won the prestigious Golden Peacock award for excellence in Corporate Governance. Yep. New rules for corporate best practices – its perfectly OK to acquire companies in totally unrelated sectors if your Chairman’s sons are running them.

The company’s management has been deservedly slammed for trying to needlessly diversify into areas where it has no competency and investing in companies that are likely to generate huge losses down the line. That’s the government’s job.

4 members from the Board, who approved this deal, have resigned following the scandal. There have been plenty of protests against the decision to let them go. Mainly from Infosys, CTS and Wipro shareholders.

Did you know that Satyam’s Independent Board of Directors who evaluated this “deal” includes Professors from IIT, ISB and a former Cabinet Secretary? On this evidence, we can all stop worrying about “brain drain” actually hurting our country.

The BJP had close to Rs.2.6 crores stolen from its safe at the party headquarters yesterday. Immediately, Pak PM Gilani issued a preemptive statement saying there was no way India could prove that the perpetrator was a Pakistani citizen.

This is a bitter blow for the BJP – losing campaign funds like this. They had earmarked this amount for AR Antulay, in return for him trying to connect Hemant Karkare’s death to the investigation of why Anil Kapoor was not a neutral host in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

Antulay has taken a lot of flak for his failed attempt at sucking up to minorities with his conspiracy theories. Shows that the recession has not just hit the financial sector. Even vote banks are not reliable these days.

Laura Bush has defended the Bush Presidency. She argues that women in Iraq or Afghanistan can now vote during elections and that is a step forward. True. And occasionally, the booths tend to blow up when the afore-mentioned women step in to vote. But lets not nitpick.

Cricket. Australia got comprehensively beaten by South Africa at the MCG and lost the test series 2-0. The England Cricket Board is now pushing to have next year’s Ashes series advanced to this weekend.

A TV poll conducted during the match shows that Australians want former cricketer Shane Warne in the role of Prime Minister. Lets see…..he’s a drunkard, has been involved in several bribery and adultery scandals, got busted doing drugs…..you know what, he checks all the boxes…..he should fit right into politics.

According to a study published in the Pediatrics journal, as many as one in eight teens in the United States take a virginity pledge but it doesn’t dissuade them from having sex anyways. Well…duh!! Exhibit A.



  1. Yeah 😉 Its comparable to John McCain boldly proclaiming that the “fundamentals of the American economy are very strong” during his campaign. Everything went to hell a couple of weeks later. And that just about sealed his fate. Poor old man. Warren Buffet confessed that he found it hard to understand MBSs and the way they were packaged. What chance did McCain have?


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