Headlines : 2nd January, 2009

We are off to a rocky start in 2009. Israel has the US’s consent if it wants to invade Gaza. In fact, the Americans are offering to send military aid if needed – like Dick Cheney armed with a Swiss army knife.

Back home, the Assam blasts. We changed our Home Minister but still had serial blasts in Guwahati this week. Its almost like the terrorists don’t care about who the UPA puts in charge.

Direct quote from P.Chidambaram – “We had intelligence about the blast, Assam Police knows who the perpetrator is, they know his family, they know him by face but somehow he escaped”. Meanwhile, Pranab Mukherjee is adamant that Pakistan should take decisive action against terrorists based on the intelligence provided by the FBI and India.

The Police knew the terrorist’s face, his family, his plans and yet, they let him slip away. People are rightly pissed. None more so than Ajmal Amir Kasab. Imagine how bad he must be feeling…to actually let them catch him…

The ULFA, Assam’s militant group with a predominantly Hindu leadership has been linked to the blasts. Ever the opportunist, AR Antulay called up Sonia Gandhi asking her if he could open his mouth now.

Once Omar Abdullah is sworn in next week as CM, J&K will be governed based on the ‘Maharashtra model’. Well…politicians in J&K have been accused of nepotism, vote bank politics and utterly neglecting their role in curbing terrorism in the state. Is it just me or is the ‘Maharashtra model’ already in place?

Sheikh Hasina back in power in Bangladesh. Hasina’s party, previously rated the most corrupt in the world, has replaced Khaleda Zia’s BNP, also rife with corruption. Just doesn’t make any sense. It’s like saving Washington Mutual by selling it to JPMorgan.

So the Bangladeshis overwhelmingly voted in the most corrupt government they ever had. Yep. You know what this means – the Republican Party is shifting base to Dhaka.

Breakthrough. Following a phase of intense fighting, Sri Lankan troops on Friday captured the northern town of Kilinochchi. With that, alas, goes the last known natural habitat of the Tiger in the world.

Anil Ambani lost close to $30 billion in 2008 and his net worth is currently down to just $12 billion. He took the news well. After all, this is not the first time he’s been the victim of a recession. (Refer Image)

The economy. Declining food and fuel prices pushed inflation down for the 8th week in succession to 6.38 %. On the plus side, Anil can buy more stuff with his paltry 12 billion than he could 8 weeks ago.

Like the rest of us, Anil is hoping that 2009 turns out better than 2008. The good news – there is no way he can lose another 30 billion in 2009. That’s a good start.

Ghajini and Rab Ne have worked wonders at the box-office. It brought some cheer to Bollywood, already reeling under the effects of increased competition. You know, with all those non-state actors in Bombay these days.

According to The Futurist magazine, Americans will be having more sex in 2009. And, for a change, most of the sex will be between spouses since hookers can be an expensive option when you are out of work.



  1. “ULFA, Assam’s militant group with a predominantly Hindu leadership”…Really? Come on, ULFA supposedly has links with the ISI!


  2. Here’s a link that talks about ULFA’s background :

    “The leaders of ULFA are all Hindus, but speak the Assamese language. It often tends to be forgotten that in the 1980s they started their movement mainly to drive out millions of illegal Muslim migrants from Bangladesh.

    As they became dependent on the intelligence agencies of Bangladesh and Pakistan for money, training, arms and sanctuaries, these agencies intelligently manipulated them to give up their campaign against illegal Muslim migrants from Bangladesh and turn it instead against Hindus from other parts of India, who had settled down in Assam in order to earn their living.”


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