Headlines: 18th January, 2009

More signs that the recession is behind us. We are back to paying footballers 107 million pounds for kicking a ball between two posts.

Its celebration time in Washington. Rock concerts, lavish star-studded parties, 10 official inaugural balls, 150 million in expenses. And why not? The two wars in the Middle East have been won, the economy has recovered and unemployment rates are at an all-time low. Right?

In its defense, the Democratic Party claimed that the whole gala has been funded entirely by the back-taxes paid by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner last week.

Obama, and his supporters, made a grand entry in his private train as it passed from Philadelphia to the capital. He picked the train since he was less likely to be floating over the Hudson River 10 minutes into the ride. Smart.

Everyone’s excited about the Inauguration. There will be new policies and faces at Washington. Not to mention, new lips, breasts, noses, hips….

Yep. Before the big Inaug, the demand for “cosmetic procedures” has shot up in Washington. So one can expect a whole bunch of people at the event hiding their real ugly selves behind artificially erected facades. And that’s not even counting Congressmen, mind you.

Narendra Modi has been touted as a future PM by top industrialists following the 10% GDP growth in Gujrat’s economy over his tenure. It should be mentioned that his state has also achieved a 10% growth in the MDP (Minority Deaths in the Population) during this period.

On his part, LK Advani has showered praise on Modi and assured him he will have his turn as the Prime Minister of India one day. That’s pretty sweet, and decidedly delusional, coming from someone who’s been waiting 81 years for his turn.

Congress Spokesperson Manish Tiwari compared Narendra Modi with Adolf Hitler, branding him a fascist and a ruthless dictator. Modi hit back saying that flattery would not get the Congress anywhere as he was committed to the BJP.

Pranab Mukherjee has again accused Pakistan of ‘living in denial’ over 26-11. In unrelated news, he says he’s confident that the Satyam scam is definitely an ‘isolated incident’.

As part of its investigation, Pakistan is likely to want to speak with Amir Ajmal Kasab soon. Should be fairly simple – just return his cellphone and SIM card. They know his number and everything.

Wipro is arguing that it had not bribed World Bank employees. It had merely handed them gifts, also euphemistically termed ‘facilitating payments’. This has set a bad precedent. Ramalinga Raju now wants to re-classify his fraud at Satyam as a ‘subtle strategic subterfuge’.

In his blog, Amitabh Bachchan has slammed the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ for projecting the “dirty underbelly” of Mumbai (and India, by extension). Its funny, cause he can call up his good friend Amar Singh and tell him the same thing about nominating Sanjay Dutt for the Lucknow seat.

This is interesting. An oil painting by Vladimir Putin got picked up for more than a million dollars at a charity auction in St.Petersburg yesterday. Wow! The extent to which the EU will go to make Russia resume gas supplies to the region…



  1. @Sanjana – Are you from Gujarat and have you seen what’s happening out there in person and not the biased coverage of the mainstream media? If no, please try getting first-hand accounts from the Gujaratis and understand why those people voted for Modi in the first place. I have detailed accounts of what exactly Modi did and how what he did was a blessing in disguise for all Gujaratis…maybe, I would need one whole post to explain it. And yeah, a little bit of fascism never hurt anyone.


  2. @ Lucas – nope, the only connection I have with the state is that I was born there. I am curious to learn more about what you’re saying (I’m not being sarcastic). A member of my extended family is the Chief Secretary of Gujarat, and I’ve heard a lot of bad stories, and good ones, about Modi. So I’m definitely interested in hearing your point of view.


  3. @ Sanjana – Sure…here’s what I know…during the 90s, any time any small problem occurred between the 2 communities in any part of India, riots would flare up in Ahmedabad (most of the time started by Muslims and average ratio of killed Hindus and Muslims – 5:1) for instance, when the Babri Masjid was demolished (not that i condone it), Muslims started rioting…it had happened for so many years…so when Godhra happened, everyone knew there would be riots…this time, Modi decided to do something that would stop rioting once for all…he decided to protect the Hindu regions and devoted his entire police force for that. He turned a blind eye to the other side (not something u expect a CM to do) nevertheless, for the first time ever, number of Hindus killed was half of the Muslims killed (again, I don’t say this is great, after all lives are lost, be it any religion). Muslims realized that they can never start another riot (there has since been no riot in A’bad amazingly) and I have heard Hindus walk around A’bad without any fear as opposed to earlier years. This earned the goodwill of the community.
    Modi has been able to give Gujaratis peace and prosperity. What more can you expect from a CM? My point is what he did turned out to be a turning point in Gujarat’s history in a positive way. Some people in his own party don’t like Modi just because he doesn’t take bribes and he never allows anyone else to do so.


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