Indian Supreme Court recognizes Transgenders as ‘Third Gender’, continues to treat Gays as ‘Second Class’

The Indian Supreme Court today passed a landmark judgment that upheld the rights of transgenders by legally recognizing them as a “third gender” whilst doggedly persisting in treating homosexuals as “second class” citizens and criminals.

Citing the Constitution, the judges stated that discrimination against transgender individuals for being born that way was a human rights violation. In a stunning demonstration of cognitive dissonance, the Court then refused to apply the same logic to the gay and lesbian community and strike down Section 377, which leaves lingering questions about the Court’s overall sanity.

As per the ruling, transgenders in India now enjoy the same rights and privileges as their fellow citizens when it comes to jobs, voting, education, or hanging from the roofs and windows of public transport vehicles during peak hours.

Recognizing the controversy it is likely to create, Justice KS Radhakrishnan was quick to defend the Court’s decision: “Over the years, the Supreme Court has steadfastly defended the rights of religious fundamentalists who form the majority in this country to cling to their reactionary attitudes towards modern cultural progress. This ruling, which has the unfortunate potential to restore your faith in humanity and the justice system a little bit, should be strictly seen as an exception to the rule”.

“I would strongly urge other minorities including gays, lesbians, bisexuals and Muslims to not get carried away in the hope of a better tomorrow”, he warned.

Justice AK Sikhri also weighed in, assuring reporters at the Court, “We earnestly implore the citizenry to regard this decision as nothing more than an isolated act of conscience. We intend to revert to business as usual from tomorrow by re-instating N. Srinivasan as BCCI President with immediate effect”.



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