About this site

All content on this site is aimed at satirizing actual news stories and events from around the world. No offense is meant in the pursuit of that goal, however.



  1. Hi…. I am a regular reader of ur blog. One of my friends referred me to ur blog and its in my bookmarks since. Your comments are quite hilarious yet sensible!!! Can I put some of ur lines in say… orkut status n such? If u can give me ur name and I will mention that.
    Keep up the fun quotient 🙂


  2. hi there…got here long ago from filter coffee and have been visiting regularly ever since. Have also been quoting your stuff in conversations and people have begun to wonder how i got so witty….till that terrible thing called conscience came knocking and i had to direct people to your website :p
    Just wanted to say that you have been blogrolled…and thanks for the entertainment!


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